Dresser Makeover from Distressed to Modern

August 27, 2020

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Dresser Makeover

The year-long master bathroom remodel is ALMOST finished. Ridiculous! I know! But it falls right in line with 2020. Way back in March, we had our garden tub pulled out. We NEVER used it, so why not utilize the space with something we do use. Wanting to free up space in our master bedroom, (my next big room makeover) we moved our dresser into where the garden tub once was. But first, it needed a bit of a facelift. Here’s a quick look at the before…Distressed dresser white with mirror attached

Initially, I thought I could get by with just priming it and painting it in my bedroom. We didn’t really want to have to carry this heavy monstrosity outside. But after a couple coats of paint, I wasn’t wild about all of the distressing that was still coming through…

Dresser makeover painted black with distressing still visible

So, in the end, we decided to move the dresser out to the garage for some serious sanding. Not sure if I thought this thing was made out of oak or what! It’s not! And apparently pressed wood doesn’t sand very well. 🙂 So, onto plan B, filling in all of the distressed spots with wood filler. Might as well have covered the entire piece with wood filler….(Amazon Affiliate Link)

Wood filler filling in distressed wood

Drawers with wood filler

Next up…lots of sanding. Starting out with a 60-grit sandpaper, I sanded the entire piece and then smoothed it all out with a 220-grit. With my orbital sander, this didn’t take much time at all! (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Ready for paint….Originally, I had painted the dresser with Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black exterior paint we had on-hand. I loved the color, but not the sticky feel that stuck around days later. So, this time, I decided to have Home Depot match the Tricorn Black in a chalk paint. It’s not exactly the same color, but very very close….

Dresser makeover with drawers missing

After 3 coats of chalk paint and 3 coats of poly (here’s my go-to poly) it was time for the pretties to be added. (Amazon Affiliate Link) I chose hardware that would match my vanity hardware. Using this awesome, time-saving tool, I attached all of the cabinet handles in no time! (Check out this great tutorial all about this magical tool). The gold really pops against the black….

Drawers with gold cabinet hardware handles

And here in it’s new home, I love it with the black ceiling!!!

Black dresser makeover with gold cabinet handles and white pouf

This dresser makeover goes perfectly with the black vanity too…

master bathroom makeover with tile floors and black vanities

Still working on decorating this space. Be sure to check back next week. I’m hoping to add two vases to this space that I’m trying out the mud technique with. Have you ever tried that or heard of it? Come check out the process and all of my shenanigans of trying to figure it out over in my stories on Instagram. Hoping to bring you an easy-to-follow tutorial on it next week….once I finish doing it all of the wrong ways, so you can do it the right way first! 🙂


Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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