Seven Awesome DIY Outdoor Projects-My Top Favorite

July 14, 2022

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With summer in full swing, I’m excited to share with you my most favorite DIY outdoor projects. These seven awesome outdoor projects are both functional and eye-appealing.

DIY Outdoor furniture on a patio

Why not spruce up your exterior front of your home to add a little more curb appeal. And with plenty of summer ahead of us and lots of time to get out there and enjoy your outdoor spaces, now is a great time for some easy diy backyard projects. So, here they are…


Curb Appeal DIY Projects

1. Limewashed Brick-Is there really any other brick?

Go big or go home! This exterior makeover project is a game changer! If your home has brick on the exterior and you’re looking for a way to brighten it up and add more swoon factor, this project is calling your name. As I shared in this article from a couple weeks ago (17 Most Asked Questions About Limewashed Brick), I literally completed this project in one day. And the results are still stunning four years later. I started the project on a Saturday morning, and by early evening the project was done, and I was off to a graduation party. This is truly a do it yourself project, with one caveat; if your brick extends up to your second floor and you are not a fan of heights, you may want to leave that part to the professionals. Thankfully, we only have brick on the first level of our house, so that made this project a lot less intimidating.

I can’t tell you how many times I drive by a brick house now and think, ‘that house would look amazing with limewashed brick!’ After 5 years of an orange, brown and cream exterior, (you’re seriously going to want to hop over to the before picture of our house…not sure what I was thinking with those colors), our home is now a statement piece that actually draws people down our street to check it out. Here’s the link to see just how simple this project really is.

Limewashed brick and a view of the front porch

2. Carriage House Garage Doors–Without the cost!

Looking for a way to improve curb appeal on a budget? This is it! Change that boring garage door without the cost of changing your entire garage door. Would you believe it if I told you the windows on this garage door are not real windows?

Faux garage door windows and carriage house hardware

Nope! Not real! Several years ago, I wanted carriage house garage doors, but my current garage doors were just fine. No reason to change them other than, I wanted a new look. That didn’t make sense financially, so I searched around for a different option. When I stumbled upon these faux garage door windows on Amazon, I was elated. Exactly the look I was going for! And a much cheaper option than replacing both of our garage doors.

Attaching these faux windows is as easy as following the template provided and screwing them into place. Want to change the color of your garage doors at some point? No problem! Just paint the faux window trim to match. So incredibly easy. People are always shocked when I tell them they’re not real windows. This change truly looks like the real deal. The neighbors will wonder when you got new garage doors.

In addition to the faux windows, I wanted to complete the carriage house look with some hardware. Once again, I found this super inexpensive and easy to attach hardware on Amazon. The look was complete! And the best part–I didn’t have to break the bank to get it!! Check out this post for more about how I added these features. 

3. A Super Easy DIY Window Box-Just add flowers for a splash of color 

I have always loved the idyllic look of window boxes and this shuttered window was screaming for one! The perfect spot to add a pop of color in the summer and dress up with pumpkins and gourds in the fall. And Christmas time? Oh, so dreamy! Another easy DIY outdoor project, this window box is made of nothing more than cedar dog-eared fencing. The cedar fencing serves two purposes: cedar will last for many years to come against the outdoor elements and the texture of cedar is just the look I was envisioning. Not to mention, dog eared fencing is pretty inexpensive.

So, once again, this is another one of my cost-effective DIY outdoor projects. When you see just how easy these window boxes are to make, you’re going to want to add one to every window. What could be better than beautiful flowers donning every window. Ok, maybe that would be a little overboard, but then again maybe not. 🙂 Check out this post for the simple plans to these cedar window boxes.

A few great outdoor DIY projects: window box and limewashed brick to name a couple

Backyard DIY Projects

4. Outdoor Farm Table-Where memories are made

Our most used outdoor space Is our outdoor farm table. This seven foot farm table is long enough to seat our entire family of 7 and then some. This do it yourself backyard project is truly our go-to space. We spend as many summer (fall and spring too) nights as possible out here for our family dinners. Is there any better place than the dinner table to reconnect after a long day of everyone going their own ways? This table is by far, my most treasured DIY outdoor project for no other reason than–it gathers us all together.

modern stain outside table

You can also find me out here for lunch and throughout the day working on articles like this one. 🙂 I built this table a few years ago and it has held up well. I recently gave it this makeover that you currently see. When I first built it, I finished it to look like a cement top and stained the legs a darker color. (You can see the before pictures in this post). But wanting to lighten up the space and make it more cohesive with the rest of my deck area, I refinished it earlier this summer. I’m so happy with how it turned out! You can find the full easy-to-follow building plans for this modern farm table here.

5. Modern Outdoor Chairs-My favorite morning spot

This space calls my name every morning. I find so much joy in this cozy little slice of my deck. It’s where I have my quiet time, read my Bible and get my day started on the right track. These comfy chairs are truly my sanctuary in the bright early morning hours.

Another super easy project that I’m so glad I tackled six years ago. And once again, one that has held up well against the northern Indiana weather. These chairs also got a facelift this summer….going from white to black. I’m loving this darker color. It off-sets well with the lighter color stain of our farm table. Get the full tutorial to build these modern outdoor chairs here.

DIY Outdoor Projects chairs on a gray deck

6. Outdoor Sofa and Chairs-Great for summer nights

Our favorite warm summer night and cool fall evenings hangout is right here. With our firepit a blazing of course! Once again, many memories have been made under this pergola outdoor space. Having built this furniture last summer, this patio project has come along way. What used to be a not-so-comfy area, has turned into another family room–only, outdoors!! What could be better! I dream of hanging a tv out here–someday! I love making outdoor spaces living spaces too! And with these comfy cushions from Target, this patio project has definitely achieved that goal.

Outdoor pergola space with black patio furniture and tan cushions

Want to build the sofa? Here are the plans!

Want to build the chairs? Grab these plans!

7. Modern DIY Planter Box-So GOOD!!!

Are there any better DIY backyard garden ideas than a raised planter box? So Good! I love the mid century modern design of these planters that I built last summer. And switching up the plants every year, has been so much fun. Last year, I went with more of a wispy herb garden look and this year I am loving more of a tropical look. What will next year bring??? Hmmmm…. So much fun! But the best part, is the privacy they provide in our small, so close to our neighbors, backyard. The perfect measure of seclusion without feeling boxed in.

These planter boxes were so easy and fun to make. I love the slatted covering I gave them too. The black and Golden Oak stain counter each other well. Here’s the link to build your own planter boxes.

Pergola with 2 box planters

Narrowing down my top 7 favorite DIY outdoor projects really wasn’t that difficult. All of these provide the best bang for the buck. From the stunning curb appeal options to the functional and yet, beautiful backyard options this post has you covered on which DIY projects will pack the biggest punch!

DIY Outdoor projects including limewashed brick, faux garage door windows and carriage house hardware


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Faux Windows on Garage Doors

Carriage Package on Garage Doors

Outdoor Cushions

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