9 Luxe and Functional Ways to Decorate Kitchen Countertops

October 24, 2023

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Your kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals; it’s the heart of your home. Where family gathers together and cherished memories are made. One of the key elements in transforming your kitchen into a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space is giving some love and attention to your countertops.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to decorate kitchen countertops. We’ll talk about:

  • Curating everyday items
  • Utilizing wall space
  • Hanging pots and pans
  • Adding natural textures and greenery
  • Creating an herb garden
  • Installing a spice rack
  • Updating old appliances
  • Incorporating statement pieces
  • Celebrating kitchen staples


Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just looking to refresh your kitchen’s look, these tips and ideas will help you add personality, style, and functionality to your countertop decor. Let’s transform your kitchen into a space that’s not only a joy to cook in but also a feast for the eyes. 🙂

How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops

Curate Everyday Items to Elevate Your Kitchen Decor

When considering your kitchen’s aesthetics, the best place to start is with the basics. Curating everyday items will help you strike a perfect balance between function and style. This simple step will make your kitchen not only visually appealing but also practical.

Selecting the Right Decorative Items

While it’s visually pleasing to have beautiful items on your countertops, they should also serve a purpose. If you don’t use them for your daily cooking routine, put them away.

Think about the items you use regularly and how they can become part of your decor. For example, decorative canisters not only store ingredients but can also add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Similarly, decorative cutting boards can double as both functional items for food prep and a great way to bring in visual interest.

Large kitchen with sage cabinets and wooden beams for decorate kitchen countertops post

Source: WINN Design+Build

Pull those beautifully crafted wooden cutting boards out of the drawer and hang them on your kitchen wall instead. Not only will they be within arm’s reach when you need them, they’ll also add warmth and texture to the space.

It’s all about finding those pieces that seamlessly blend form and function.

Exploring Decorative Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Why hide your kitchen utensils and tools in drawers when they can be part of your kitchen’s decor? Consider displaying some of your most attractive and frequently used utensils in a decorative utensil holder.

From sleek wooden spoons to elegant stainless steel ladles, these items can become eye-catching elements on your countertop. Add to your kitchen’s unique aesthetic by mixing and matching various materials and styles. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

When displaying your kitchen tools in a stylish canister, these functional pieces serve as decorative pieces as well.

Kitchen with large center island; 4 chairs; 2 pendants for decorate kitchen countertops post

Source: Structure Home

Incorporating Natural Textures and Greenery

I believe every room in a home needs a touch of green in it. The best way to do this is through live or faux plants. The kitchen is no exception.

Greenery, potted herbs and succulents breathe life into a kitchen. Pair them with natural textures such as a wooden cutting board, woven baskets, or a stone bowl to add a touch of warmth.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Potted Herbs and Succulents

Bringing the outdoors inside your kitchen is the perfect way to make the room feel alive and fresh. Potted herbs and succulents are perfect for this purpose. Not only do they add a touch of greenery, but they also serve as a practical resource for your cooking.

Consider placing small potted herbs like basil, rosemary, or mint on your kitchen counters. You’ll not only have fresh herbs at your fingertips, but the aroma will be amazing.

Another great idea are succulents. Succulents are very low maintenance and add a touch of natural beauty.

kitchen with center island painted navy and 2 pendant lights

Source: Imagine Design

Creating an Herb Garden

Use a windowsill, a wall-mounted planter, or even repurpose an old wooden crate to plant your favorite herbs. There’s nothing better than an endless supply of your very own fresh herbs. Not to mention, the visual interest they add too.

Imagine snipping fresh basil for your pasta or grabbing a sprig of rosemary for your roasted chicken right from your own kitchen garden.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Installing a Spice Rack

A well-organized kitchen is a chef’s paradise and a spice rack plays a big part in this. Say goodbye to rummaging through your lazy susan trying to find that elusive spice jar.

If you have the space and perfect spot for it, install a spice rack on your kitchen wall. This not only keeps your spices within easy reach but also adds a dash of color to your space.

There are various spice rack designs to choose from:

  • simple mounted shelves
  • magnetic strips
  • decorative spice jars with labels

If you want to get really organized, order your spices by frequency of use or cuisine type. A spice rack will not only keep your kitchen tidy but also add a practical and visually appealing element.

kitchen windowsill with herbs in jars

Source: KraftMaster Renovations

Utilize Wall Space

Utilizing wall space with open shelves is a smart way to save space and add style to your kitchen. These shelves keep things handy while turning your essentials into decorative accents.

Installing Open Shelves

Open shelves in the kitchen not only serve as a practical storage solution but also provide an opportunity to showcase your cookware and decorative dishes.

I recently remodeled my entire kitchen. During the planning stages, I envisioned open shelving and loved the idea. But then my mind went to my kids putting their plastic cups and bowls up there and I changed my mind.

I don’t think my kids would have the same aesthetic vision as me. Haha! So, I think I’ll wait til they’re out of the house and the plastic bowls and cups are no more.

large kitchen with wood stained cabinets and green walls; center island

Source: Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

Selecting the Right Shelving Material

The choice of shelving material is a crucial step in creating the desired look and feel for your kitchen. Common options include wood, metal, glass, or a combination of materials. Each material brings its unique aesthetic to the kitchen.

For instance, wooden shelves offer warmth, while glass shelves can create a modern and airy ambiance. Consider the overall style of your kitchen and your personal preferences when selecting the right shelving material.

Displaying Cookware and Decorative Dishes

Once you have installed open shelves, it’s time to curate and display your cookware and decorative dishes. This is your opportunity to turn your kitchen essentials into works of art.

Start by arranging your most attractive and frequently used items within easy reach. Consider displaying your favorite pots, pans, colorful plates, and unique kitchen accessories.

Mixing functional items with decorative pieces can create a visually engaging and inviting display. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different arrangements until you find the one that best suits your kitchen’s style and your personal taste.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Displaying Kitchen Art

Displaying kitchen art adds personality and style. Match artwork to your kitchen’s design, create a gallery wall for visual interest, or showcase a standout piece for a bold statement.

Painted canvas in kitchen next to countertop for decorate kitchen countertops post

Choosing Artwork That Matches Your Kitchen’s Style

Selecting the right artwork for your kitchen can greatly enhance its ambiance. Start by considering the overall style of your kitchen.

For a modern kitchen, opt for contemporary art with clean lines and bold colors. Traditional kitchens may benefit from classic paintings or vintage prints. The key is to choose artwork that resonates with the aesthetics of your space, creating a harmonious visual flow.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall in your kitchen can be a striking focal point. Mix and match various pieces of artwork, framed photos, or even decorative plates to form an eye-catching display. Arrange them in a visually appealing pattern, such as a grid or a symmetrical arrangement.

Gallery walls not only add an artistic touch but also allow you to showcase your personal style and creativity.

Kitchen with glass cabinets and wood stained cabinets behind a center island for for decorate kitchen countertops post

Source: Ashley Nichol Design

Adding a Statement Piece

Consider adding a standout piece of art that captures attention and becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen decor. Whether it’s a large canvas painting, a unique sculpture, or an oversized clock, a statement piece can anchor the room. It’s a bold way to make the space truly feel like your own.

Hang Pans

Hanging pots and pans saves space and adds style to your kitchen. It’s a functional and elegant way to keep your cookware accessible and organized.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Maximizing Space Efficiently

Hanging pots and pans is a clever space-saving strategy. By elevating your cookware, you free up valuable cabinet or drawer space. This allows you to optimize every inch of your kitchen.

Especially valuable in smaller kitchens where storage can be limited, hanging pots works great in large kitchens too. The depth and layering it offers is appealing to the eye.

Kitchen designer range with a hood and copper pots hanging for decorate kitchen countertops

Source: Bilotta Kitchen and Home

Easy Access and Organization

Accessibility and organization are key benefits of hanging your pots and pans.

With a quick glance, you can locate the exact piece of cookware you need. Nothing more frustrating than digging through stacks of pots and pans. This system not only streamlines your cooking process but also maintains a clutter-free kitchen environment.

Selecting the Right Hanging System

Wall-Mounted Racks. Wall-mounted racks are a popular choice for hanging pots and pans. They come in various styles and sizes, offering flexibility in design. Wall-mounted racks are easily accessible and can be positioned at a comfortable height for effortless reach.

Ceiling-Mounted Hooks. Ceiling-mounted hooks provide a unique and space-saving solution. They make use of overhead space and add a distinctive appeal to your kitchen. Showcase the beauty of your cookware–from hanging copper pots to displaying stainless steel or cast iron pans.

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kitchen with sage cabients and large center island

Source: Stephanie Russo Photography

Arranging Pots and Pans Creatively

Grouping by Size and Type. When arranging your pots and pans, consider grouping them by size and type. This arrangement allows for easy access and adds an element of organization to your hanging system.

For instance, you can dedicate one section for your saucepans and another for your skillets. This ensures that everything has its designated spot.

Mixing Copper, Stainless Steel, and Cast Iron. Don’t be afraid to mix different materials like copper, stainless steel, and cast iron in your hanging display. The contrast of materials adds depth and visual interest to your kitchen.

Whether it’s the gleam of copper, the sheen of stainless steel, or the rugged beauty of cast iron, these materials can coexist harmoniously.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Update Old Appliances

Modernizing your kitchen through updated appliances can significantly enhance its functionality and aesthetics. Outdated appliances not only consume more energy but may also lack the features and efficiency of newer models.

Upgrading to modern appliances can:

  • improve your cooking experience
  • reduce energy consumption
  • give your kitchen a fresh and contemporary look

kitchen with white countertops and black cabinets

Source: Elizabeth Lawson Design

Tips for Choosing New Appliances

When choosing new appliances, two key factors to consider are energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Prioritize energy-efficient appliances with ENERGY STAR certification to reduce energy consumption and save on utility bills.

Of course, you also want to make sure that your new appliances align with your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Be sure to select colors, finishes, and styles that complement your existing decor.

Coordinating your appliances with your cabinetry and countertops creates a cohesive and visually pleasing kitchen design.

Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Small Appliances

Coffee Station

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the convenience of a modern coffee maker or electric kettle. Whether you prefer a morning cup of joe or tea, these appliances can simplify your daily routine. Look for features like programmability and temperature control to customize your beverages.

Toaster or Toaster Oven

A toaster or toaster oven is a kitchen staple for quick and easy breakfast or snack preparation. Modern toasters come with various settings to achieve the perfect toast. While toaster ovens offer versatility for reheating, baking, and broiling. Choose the option that suits your needs and kitchen space.

Kitchen with 3 pendant lights over a center island for decorate kitchen countertops post

Source: Jula Cole Design

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven remains an essential appliance for reheating leftovers and quickly cooking meals. Consider features such as sensor cooking, convection capabilities, and size to ensure your new microwave meets your cooking demands.

While all of these are considered countertop appliances, I prefer to hide them. I like to keep my counter space free of unnecessary items.
All of these items can be placed in an appliance garage or in a butler’s pantry, if either one of those are an option. If neither one of these are an option, create a dedicated storage space for the toaster/toaster oven.

Simple Ways to Decorate Kitchen Countertops

Many times the biggest impact in decorating is just adding a simple touch. One simple change or addition to a space can bring life and a pop of color. Here are a few ideas that will quickly elevate your kitchen:

  • A bowl of fresh fruit
  • A textured vase with fresh flowers
  • A beautiful cookbook on a cookbook stand
  • Natural wood knife block
  • Pretty towels
  • Small lamps
  • Grouping together a wooden pepper grinder, bottle of olive oil, and cooking oil on a small wooden tray
  • Live plants
  • Hand soap and a live plant on a small wooden tray

Wooden tray in kitchen with soap dispenser and green plant

For more great kitchen tips, check out this article: 4 DIY Kitchen Updates That Make a Huge Impact

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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