Craftsman Garage Doors-Get the Look Without All the Costs

May 16, 2019

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About six years ago we did a garage door makeover. And today, I am still loving it! It was a simple, timeless change that has held up so well. And might I also mention, much cheaper than purchasing all new garage doors….especially considering our garage doors were not in need of replacement.

I absolutely love everything craftsman. But back when our home was built, 15 years ago, craftsman homes were not the “in” thing. They are all the rage now. And this was an easy way to add a little craftsman touch to our home.

What I am NOT loving so much anymore, is the exterior colors of our home. And in a few weeks that will all change!! I’m SO excited about this. Some BIG changes are coming and I can’t wait to share them all with you guys!! (Check out this post to see the changes we made–Amazing transformation!!)

But for now onto the garage doors….I wish I had a before picture, but this was pre-blogging days and I didn’t think to document every change we made back then (Sigh). So, just imagine the picture below with absolutely no hardware and no windows. Just a boring orange garage door…..

garage door with faux windows

But not anymore…I searched for faux windows and found these by Coach House on Amazon. (Affiliate Link)I ordered 4 for my large garage door and 2 for my 3rd bay. (Keep in mind you get two windows per kit. So I purchased three kits–2 kits for my large garage door and one kit for my smaller garage door). Also note: they come in 3 different colors, but are very easy to paint the color of your trim. They were super easy to install….

garage doors windows

But we didn’t stop there. To complete the Craftsman look, we also ordered hardware from Amazon. We ordered two packages of Carriage House hardware for less than $20 each. Such a great deal!  (Affiliate Link)

garage doors hardware

garage doors handles

The hardware was as simple to install as: 1. Measuring where we wanted to place them and 2. Drilling them in.

For right around $500, we completely changed the look of our garage doors. We had many people ask us if we had gotten new garage doors. We got the look of brand new Carriage House garage doors without spending thousands of dollars.

I am happy to say, they have held up well. Six years later, they look as good as new. (Please disregard the pumpkins. This picture was taken this past fall…no I don’t have pumpkins as part of my spring/summer decor :)  ).

Craftsman Style Home

Amazing how such a simple, inexpensive change can update the look of your home.

Be sure to check back in a few weeks as we make some BIG changes to the exterior of our home.

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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