Color Drenching: All You Need to Know to Try This Paint Trend

June 25, 2024

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Dive into the world of color drenching interiors, where vibrant hues transform spaces with a bold, cohesive flair. Discover how this daring design trend can elevate your home’s aesthetic and create a captivating visual experience.

Would you paint your entire room all the same color? The walls, ceiling, trim, and doors all one cohesive color? You might be thinking, no way! Or you might be all in on this new trend that is sweeping the world of interior design.

Characteristic of British interiors, color drenching is having a big impact on American interiors now too.

This bold approach involves immersing an entire room in a single color—from the walls to the ceiling, and sometimes even the furniture and accessories.


By doing so, it harnesses the transformative power of color to create a cohesive and visually striking space.

As one of the latest trends in home interiors, color drenching offers a unique and impactful way to design a room. A color-drenched room makes every corner feel connected and perfectly unified.

Color Drenching: All You Need to Know

Let’s explore how this exciting trend can breathe new life into your home.

What is Color Drenching?

Color drenching is a decorating style where you paint an entire room in a single color. This means not just the walls, but also the ceiling, doors, and sometimes even the furniture and accessories match the same hue.

The result is a color-drenched room that looks seamless and striking. This technique uses one bold or subtle color to bring everything together.

With no stark difference between the ceiling and the walls, color drenching can make a room feel streamlined while adding visual interest.


Where I Have Incorporated Color Drenching in My Own Home

Color Drenching Interiors: My Theater Room

My first attempt at this single paint color technique was in my theater room. I had every intention to leave the ceiling white when painting all of the walls of this room Black Magic by Benjamin Moore.

However, upon finishing, the ceiling stuck out like a sore thumb. Every time I walked into the room, the first thing my eye was drawn to was the ceiling. Not where I wanted to draw attention.

I have to admit, adding that first swipe of black paint on my all-white ceiling was terrifying.

Yes, it’s only paint. And yes, it would have been an easy fix. But I had never painted a ceiling that dark of a color before, so to say I was a bit anxious is an understatement.

2 sofas in a home theater room

As I made my way across the room, painting the ceiling as I went, I was falling more and more in love with the look of this dramatic change. Wow!

What a statement this bold move instantly made! The feeling you get walking into our theater room is like no other room in our home.

Deciding to paint all 4 walls, the ceiling, the trim and the door all the same color is calming to the eye. Without a bunch of busy prints or multiple colors, the eye is able to settle and not have to jump around the room.

It is the perfect, relaxing feel for our theater room.

​Color Drenching Interiors: My Home Office/Guest Room

The most recent monochromatic room I have created is my home office/guest room.
For this space, I wanted to create a space that was both inspiring and calming at the same time. Going with a dark and moody vibe for this room accomplished this goal…

Murphy Bed Benefits room with a desk, accent wall, and faux tree.

Painting the walls Laurel Woods by Sherwin Williams changed the entire feel of this room. \

Here’s a quick peek of what it looked like before the makeover…

A spare bedroom painted tan with a hodge podge of stuff in it.

But then painting the ceiling, trim, and doors all the same color added another level of sophistication and luxury…

A room color drenched in a moody green paint color.

This room has become my favorite room in my home. The best environment for getting work done while still being a comfy, cozy space for guests.

The Benefits of Color Drenching In Small Spaces

Color drenching can work wonders in small spaces. By using a single color for everything in a room, from the walls to the ceiling, it makes the space feel bigger and more open.

In smaller rooms, where every inch counts, this technique helps blur the boundaries of the room. This creates an illusion of a more expansive area.

It also gives the room a more unified look, which is perfect for making small rooms feel comfortable and stylish.

A bedroom with color drenching interiors.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right color for color drenching can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to pick the perfect shade:

  • Consider the Natural Light: Rooms with lots of sunlight can handle bold colors like deep blues or bright yellows. Darker shades work better in well-lit areas, as natural light softens the overall intensity.
  • Think About Room Usage: Colors can affect your mood, so think about what the room is used for. A calming green might be great for a bedroom. While a darker shade of serene blue could promote productivity and calmness in a home office.
  • Match With Existing Decor: If you’re not changing your furniture, choose a color that complements your current decor. This ensures everything in the room feels connected.

By considering these factors, you can select a single shade or different shades within the same color palette that will transform your space beautifully.

A monochromatic moody green kitchen for color drenching interiors post.

How to Implement Color Drenching In Different Rooms

Color drenching can transform any room in your house. Here’s how to apply this technique in various spaces:

  • Dining Room: Use a rich, warm color like Little Black Dress by Behr to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Covering walls and ceilings in this deep black shade with a navy undertone can make meal times feel more intimate.
  • Living Room: A soft beige or light gray can make the living room feel larger and more open. This neutral palette works well with various furniture styles and colors. My go-to soft beige color is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.
  • Home Office: Choose a calming blue to enhance focus and reduce stress. Painting the entire room this color can help you stay productive. Naval by Sherwin Williams would be a great dark blue paint color for a home office.
  • Laundry Room: Brighten this often overlooked space with a cheerful yellow. It can make doing laundry feel less like a chore. Moderne White by Sherwin Williams has just a tint of yellow undertone while still having that crisp white hue. This paint color would be perfect for a laundry room.
  • Guest Room: Use a soothing green to make guests feel relaxed and at home. This color can help create a restful environment for visitors. I love the green I chose for our home office. Laurel Woods by Sherwin Williams

Desk area in a home office/guest room

These examples show how color drenching different rooms can enhance both their utility and appeal, making your entire home feel connected and stylish.

Design Tips for a Cohesive Color Drenched Look

When it comes to color drenching a room, not only is the paint color important but also choosing the right sheen. Here’s what works best:

  • Matte Finish: This is great for hiding imperfections on walls and ceilings. It gives a smooth, non-reflective surface that makes colors look more even and helps the room feel more refined.
  • Flat Sheen: Similar to matte, a flat sheen also minimizes surface imperfections and works well in bedrooms and other low-traffic areas. It absorbs light rather than reflecting it, which enhances the depth of the color.

Using these types of finishes helps your color-drenched room look seamless and elegant. They provide a subtle backdrop that really lets your chosen color shine.

An entryway with color drenching interiors.

Creating Focal Points With a Monochromatic Scheme

Even in a room where one color rules, you can still make it visually interesting by creating focal points. Here’s how to add some contrast without disrupting the unified look:

  • Soft Furnishings: Choose throw pillows, rugs, or curtains in a slightly lighter or darker shade than your room’s color. This subtle difference can draw the eye and add depth.
  • Light Fixtures: Use bold and unique light fixtures to stand out against the monochromatic background. These can be in a contrasting color or a metallic finish to catch the light and attention.
  • Window Frames: Paint window frames a contrasting color or a deeper shade of the room’s color. This not only highlights the windows but also frames the view outside, adding an extra layer of interest.

These elements help break up the space visually and keep the room from feeling too flat, while still maintaining a cohesive look.

A home office with a wooden desk and moody green walls for color drenching interiors post.

The Psychological Impact of Color Drenching

Color drenching can do more than just change the look of a room—it can also affect how you feel.

Using one color throughout a room can be calming to the eye. It removes the visual clutter that can be distracting or stressful, making the space soothing to your eyes.

This uniformity helps create a calm and orderly feel, which is particularly beneficial in spaces where you want to relax or concentrate.

Furthermore, a single color theme helps maintain a sense of balance and harmony in a room.

This sense of balance can make you feel more relaxed and peaceful when you spend time in the space.

It provides a consistent backdrop that doesn’t compete for attention, allowing for a more tranquil and serene environment.

A moody blue living room with a large pendant light for color drenching interiors post.

Different colors can influence your emotions, contributing to the mood of the room.

For example, blues are often seen as calming, while yellows can make you feel happier and more energized. Choosing the right color for your room can enhance the overall mood and vibe of the space.

Understanding these psychological effects can help you choose the best color for your home, ensuring it not only looks good but feels good too.

Color drenching is more than just a home decor trend—it’s a way to completely transform your space.

By painting your room in one consistent color, you create an immersive experience that changes not only the look but also the feel of the space. This method allows you to tailor your home to your personal preference, making each room a perfect reflection of your style.

A dining room with big picture windows and moody blue walls for color drenching interiors post.

Whether you want to make a small room feel larger or add a sense of luxury to your living space, color drenching can achieve that.

It’s a bold and effective way to refresh your home and make it truly unique.

So, what do you think? Would you consider color-drenching a room in your home?

Let me know in the comments below.

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

Until next week,

Happy Designing, Friend!!

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