Butlers Pantry and Mudroom Reveal-One Room Challenge Week Two

April 13, 2022

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Hello! And welcome back to Week Two of the One Room Challenge! Full disclosure: the Butlers Pantry and Mudroom each took about a week to complete individually. I finished both of these spaces prior to the ORC starting, but wanted to share them with you since they are very much a part of the overall kitchen makeover.

ORC Image

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Let’s start with the mudroom. About 3 years ago, I tore out our coat closet and turned this entire space into a mudroom. You can see that full transformation in this post. What a difference removing that closet made. It really opened up the space…

empty closet space

Since recreating this room into a mudroom, my style has changed a bit and I therefore, needed to bring it up to date with the rest of my house. Enter: new paint…the walls are my favorite go-to white: Behr White Moderne; the cubbies are Benjamin Moore French Beret (my new-found favorite dark moody color!); and the bench is a combo of two MinWax stains: Tinsmith Gray and Special Walnut. You can see exactly how I got the look for this stain in this postNote: the following picture is bare wood and has not been stained yet. The picture following the one below has the above stain combination applied.

Butlers pantry and mudroom reveal-a look at the mudroom with moody color cubbies and a bench seat

I love how these simple cosmetic changes, completely transformed the look of this room. Much more modern. Much more in line with the rest of my home.


Butlers pantry and mudroom reveal-mudroom decorated with baskets and a pillow...along with a coat and sweater hanging

My biggest and most favorite change this week, is my pantry. What used to be a builder’s grade pantry….

Pantry before makeover with builder grade shelving and full of food

….is now a butlers pantry…

Butlers pantry and mudroom reveal-a look at the pantry with floating shelves and a coffee bar

By simply removing all of the Closet Tamer shelving and replacing with floating shelves, I was able to turn this pantry into a much more functional, modern pantry. I’ve always wanted a butlers pantry! Dreams do come true….haha! Adding this countertop for all of the appliances has freed up so much room in my kitchen. My favorite part: removing the microwave above the stove and hiding it here in the pantry. I was able to find these matching toaster and microwave off of Amazon. Love the unique color they are…..

Appliances shelf in butlers pantry

Behind all of these appliances houses all of the kids’ devices/cords now. Adding an electrical outlet specific to USB cords was the best move! This is a great option if you’re not wanting to completely change out the outlet.

Electrical outlet with a USB port

Adding these baskets and bins from the Container Store has made the space not only more aesthetically pleasing, but much more organized too. I’ve always wanted cereal dispensers. I found these at Walmart for a really good price.

Butlers pantry and mudroom reveal-a look at the pantry with new matching appliances


I still have a couple things I want to do to this butlers pantry: replace the existing door with a glass door and add some under-cabinet lighting. I found these on Amazon and can’t wait to see how they work in the space….

Lady turning on an under the cabinet light

Photo Credit: EZVALO

NOTE: Full tutorials on both the Butlers Pantry and Mudroom coming this summer.

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In addition to the butlers pantry and mudroom, I knocked out three walls…..well, not literally. 🙂 But, rather, with accent wall treatments. This wall next to our stairs, was very simple to do. I just added 1×4’s cut to fit, and stained with MinWax Golden Oak. (Tutorial coming this summer)….

Accent wall as part of the butlers pantry and mudroom makeover

Moving around the nook area of the kitchen to this long wall with sliding doors flanking both ends, I added a vertical shiplap wall treatment. These doors are open most of the time, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on this wall, since most of it is unseen most of the time. Adding vertical shiplap using underlayment is a very simple way to add a little wow-factor without breaking the bank. (Full shiplap tutorial here)….

Accent wall with shiplap and two sliding doors (blue)

Stay tuned to a big change coming with those sliding doors!

Continuing our move around the nook and on into the kitchen, this wall on the other side of the refrigerator felt like the perfect place to add some floating shelves. They’re the perfect depth, so as not to encroach any of the space in this walkway area….

Accent wall with 3 floating shelves

With so much more to come, that about wraps up week two of the One Room Challenge.

What’s on the agenda for next week?

**New cabinets and cabinet hardware

**New countertops and new faucet

Can’t wait to share it all with you and how far this kitchen has come! But if you want to catch it all in real time, be sure to hop over to my Instagram stories!


Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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