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November 18, 2015

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Hello friends!! I’m a little late getting this post off. Unfortunately, we had a family health issue come up. My dad went in for a stress test on Monday and they immediately sent him to be prepped for a heart cath. He ended up needing to have 2 stints put in. It was a pretty quick and easy procedure with no complications.  Thankfully, it was a situation that was caught early and therefore, no damage was done. We were praising God that my dad went in earlier than he was due, for this set of tests. He is now home and recovering with lots of rest and pampering (I’m sure 🙂 ) from my mom.

Tuesday, I spent the day painting a chandelier for a friend. I love how it’s coming along…hoping she does too. 🙂

Here’s the before…


And here’s the after…


Amazing what a little bit of paint will do. This will be adorable for her daughter’s room. Can’t wait to see it!

I am also loving how this next project to the boys’ room has turned out. As promised, today I’m going to share how to board and batten a wall. So. Very. Easy!!

I like to use mdf board. It’s cheap and easy to work with. For this particular project I used a 4’x8′ (3/4″ thickness) mdf board. I was able to get away with only buying one sheet. I had some left over strips from an earlier project. Score! Saved me from spending another $28. 🙂

When working with these 4×8′ sheets, I always have Home Depot cut them down to a manageable size for me. Otherwise, they are incredibly difficult to lift onto my table saw. They are very heavy!! So in this situation, I had them cut them down to two sheets of 2×8′ s . This made cutting a lot easier for me when I got home. 🙂

My first step was cutting 2inch x 8′ strips. This left quite the mess!!


Yep that’s all sawdust.

After I had all my boards cut, I was ready to start nailing them in. I started in a corner…


Or should I say, my helper started in a corner. 🙂

And I worked my way around the room…nailing a new board every 12 inches (with my nail gun)…


I nailed 6 nails/board for this project.

Once you get going it goes pretty quickly. When you get to the windows and doors you just measure it out and cut your boards shorter. Making sure to line up your boards above the window with the ones below the window…


When all boards have been nailed in, you’re ready to paint. I usually do 2-3 coats for mdf boards, because it really absorbs the paint…


And that is it!!! It really is that easy!! A great simple, inexpensive way to change up a room. It adds so much. If this is a look you would like to add to a room, I hope this simple tutorial inspires you to try it. 🙂  Let me know if you have any questions.

Next time, I’ll reveal the sliding barn door I’m finishing up for the boys’ room. I’m so excited with how this is coming together and definitely see more of these throughout our house in the future. Can’t wait to show you!!






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