17 Best Throw Pillows for Your Living Room in 2023

September 5, 2023

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Best Fall Pillows for your Living Room

While we still have a few weeks before Fall weather hits here in northern Indiana, Fall is definitely on my mind. Sweaters, knitted hats, jeans, and cool crisp temps….Ahhh! I love it!

But along with changing out my wardrobe, I’ll also be changing up my home decor. Warmer colors for the colder months is exactly the look I’ll be going for.

One of my favorite changes to make is swapping my summer pillows for fall pillows. Such a quick and easy way to transform your space. Are you in the market for some new pillows to fit in with the autumn season? If so, I’ve got you covered. Here are the best fall pillows for your living room.

With so many beautiful pillows to choose from, I forced myself to narrow it down to just 21. Which is still a lot, but not too overwhelming.

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Header image

Let’s start with the basics. Most of the choices I’m sharing today are my favorite fall pillow covers. Pillow covers have so many great benefits:

  • Much easier to store; they take up less space
  • Easier to switch out with the changing seasons
  • Great way to save money. They’re cheaper than buying the entire pillow
  • Makes throwing them in the washing machine much easier

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Great Deal on Pillow Inserts

​Of course, the pillow covers won’t do you much good without the inserts. But it’s important you get the right size pillow insert.

The rule of thumb I like to stick to is: Your pillow insert should be 2 inches wider (on all 4 sides) than your pillow cover.

For example, if your pillow cover is 18×18, you’ll want to use a 20×20 pillow insert. In other words, you want bulky pillow inserts.

There’s nothing more underwhelming than a limp throw pillow. They just don’t look good. Be sure to use an oversized pillow to fill in all of the space of your pillow cover.

At this point, you might be thinking: “Why should I buy a pillow insert and a pillow cover, when I can just buy both for one price? Because you only need a few pillow inserts.

Of course, if you’re like me though, you may need more than a few. Haha!

But the point is, once you have all of the pillow inserts you need, the only thing you’ll ever need to buy again are the pillow covers. Which makes switching them out every season much easier on the pocket book. And that’s always a WIN!

These down-filled, plump throw pillow inserts come in all different sizes. They are the best pillow inserts you can buy for such a low price. And are guaranteed to make your pillows look expensive….

Square pillow insert

Source: Amazon

If you’re in need of a lumbar pillow insert, PillowFlex has those too…

Lumbar pillow insert

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Textured Burlap Linen

With so many different colors to choose from, these linen pillows are great quality and comfortable to the touch. Not scratchy at all…

1 tan square pillow for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

Corduroy Fall Throw Pillows

Texture is everything! And what’s better than one corduroy throw pillow? Two for the price of one! Yes please! Whether you love bright orange or burnt orange, there’s a pillow cover in the color you love…

2 fall square pillows orange colored

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Lux Velvet Throw Pillow

While we’re talking about the vibrant colors of fall, check out this beautiful deep green velvet pillow. Once again, 2 for the price of 1. And a great selection of warmer hues…

2 green square pillows for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

Deep Green Lumbar Pillow

Want that deep green color in a lumbar pillow? Here it is!

2 green bolster pillows

Source: Amazon

This reddish-brown lumbar pillow screams fall!

1 bolster pillow

Source: Amazon

Teddy Wool Lumbar Pillows

I can’t get enough of the cozy textures in fall. These pillows scream, come cuddle with me. Don’t they just look so inviting?

With a good selection of neutral colors to choose from, the hardest part is narrowing it down to just one…

2 brown boucle bolster pillows for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

2 bolster boucle pillows for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Boucle Throw Pillow

Speaking of textures, boucle is at the top of my favorites list. So much detail in these beautiful cozy pillows…

2 white boucle pillows

Source: Amazon

Plaid Linen Throw Pillows

Nothing screams fall like plaid…

white striped pillows for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

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Faux Rabbit Fur Cozy Velvet

​Detail, texture, color these pillows have it all! So very plush. I think these might be my favorite! Ok, how many favorites do I have so far? Haha!

2 soft pink textured pillows

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Textured Accent Pillow

This faux fur pillow goes great with the fall season. And with all the great colors to choose from, they fit into any color scheme. The solid color makes it a great accent pillow.

2 throw pillows on a sofa

Source: Amazon

Ball Throw Pillows

Love the Scandi-Nordic style? Then this throw pillow is a must-have! Pair it with a square pillow or a comfy throw blanket for a finished look…

white ball pillow

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Round Chunky Knit Pillow

This one will spark some conversations. Not your everyday square or lumbar pillow. Thinking outside the box adds character to a room. Pair this chunky knit pillow with a patterned or neutral lumbar pillow for a stylish look.

1 knitted pillow on a boucle chair for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

Round Velvet Pillow

Add a deco-inspired touch by pairing this round velvet pillow with a textured lumbar pillow. When looking for ideas on how to style my pillows, I often turn to my favorite designer websites. My go-to’s are Lulu and Georgia, West Elm, and Arhaus, to name a few.

blue round pillow

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Buffalo Plaid Check

Love the detail on these. The stitched edging gives them a very high-end look. But at a price that won’t break the bank…

2 plaid pillows

Source: Amazon

Linen Fringed Throw Pillow

Great with any color palette! These fringed pillows have a zipper closure and can easily be switched out with the new season.

Cream colored pillow on a wooden bench for Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Source: Amazon

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Tasseled Lumbar Pillow

Can’t get enough of the tasseled look? These decorative pillows are perfect for any living space.

Black bolster pillow with 2 white stripes

Source: Amazon

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room: Boho Throw Pillow

The best throw pillow for a super cozy look. These accent pillows will fit well in any living space.

Throw pillows on a sofa

Source: Amazon

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​Throw Pillow FAQ’s

How many throw pillows should I have on my sofa?

For a large or L-shaped couch, you can get away with 5 or more. As with any interior design aspect, you can never go wrong with a layered look. Layer your pillows in groupings of 3 for a more cohesive look.

Three pillows fit well on a regular sized couch.

How many pillows should I group together?

​Always go with an odd number when grouping your throw pillows. For example, on a regular size sofa, place one throw pillow at one end. And two pillows at the other end. Keeping an odd number of pillows for each piece of furniture.

living room with throw pillows and sofas

Source: Visbeen Architects

​How do I pair pillows together?

There are five factors to consider when mixing and matching throw pillows together:

  • Color: Make sure the color of your pillows coincide with the palette of your room. Stick with 3-5 shades of color. Keeping in mind, it’s ok to have different hues of each shade. Just try to limit yourself to 3-5 overall colors.
  • Scale: Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and sizes. For example, pair a solid lumbar pillow with a plaid 18×18 pillow.
  • Size: Mix up the sizes of the pillows being paired together. For example, a 20×20″ pillow paired with a 16×16 square throw pillow.
  • Balance: Distribute your throw pillows in a balanced way across the furniture in the room. For example, in a room with a sofa and a loveseat. Add 2 pillows on one end of the sofa and 1 on the other end. For a loveseat, pair 2 pillows of different sizes on one end of the loveseat. Keep the other end open. Don’t add anything there.
  • Texture: You can never have too much texture in a room. As with the “scale” example above, go with a boucle lumbar pillow and a soft linen plaid 18×18 pillow paired together.

What is the purpose of an accent pillow?

Just as the name suggests, an accent pillow should accent the space. It should, ideally, reflect and elevate the look of the room. It’s a great way to bring another tactile element into the aesthetic.

Need more decorative throw pillows and throw blankets? Check out my Amazon Store, where I share all of my favorites!

Get all of the best fall pillows for your living room here.

As usual, I truly value your choice to shop via the links I provide. This enables me to earn a small commission without affecting your purchase cost. By using my affiliate links, you help me generate content for this blog and provide for my family. I sincerely thank you for backing my efforts with utmost gratitude!

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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