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February 12, 2016

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We are not meant to do this thing called, “life,” on our own. Isn’t it awesome that God puts people in our lives to help us walk this journey? People who minister to us in our time of need and vice-versa. My family and friends were such an amazing blessing to me following Corey’s accident. They brought clarity to my mind when it was in such a deep fog. So many days, I felt like I was in a dream. Nothing seemed real.



God also brings people into our lives “for such a time as this.” Many people were like angels passing through following Corey’s accident. They brought me doses of hope and determination. They kept me going.



July 16, 2011 (Continued):

This morning, as I was saying, was very hard. We went out of your STICU room so they could put you in your chair and I felt like I was going to pass out. I leaned up against the counter and just fell all the way to the floor and started hyperventilating and crying. I literally felt like I was being crushed. It was awful! Then I went out to the waiting room at my mom’s command (she was very worried about me). I slept through your entire visiting hour. I was kind of disappointed when I woke up and visiting hours were over, but it was much needed rest, I know.

I had another much needed nap, laying my head on your bed, holding your hand, after the park and the kids vistiting.We both slept for about an hour.

You have to have someone watching you 24/7 now because you keep pulling out your tubes and devices connected to you. Last night after I told you good night, I was standing outside your room and peaked back in at you. The nurses had you sitting in a unique kind of chair (it’s able to lay completely flat to make it easier to transfer you into it and then the back reclines forward and the legs recline down–turning into a chair. Pretty nifty!!) When I peaked in you were untying your arm restraints!! So sneaky–you are!! You waited till no one was around to try to get free! Your nurse went in immediately and tied the restraint back up. I laughed when he called you “Houdini.” Then I found out this morning that you pulled your feeding tube out through the night. You are a troublemaker!! I love it!! Keep that determination!! 🙂

Your night sitter, Maria, is such a sweet lady. She’s a christian and we talked a lot tonight about our faith. I told her to pray over you throughout the night and she said she always does. 🙂

She was so informative and told me of past brain injury patients she has had and their success stories. She said most likely you won’t remember any of this and right now your brain is probably trying to process it all but it’s just not making the connection. She feels hopeful that you will recover fast. She said she can see it in your eyes that you recognize people…comparing the way you look at family versus nurses/doctors–people you don’t know.

She was so encouraging about rehab and the wonders it will do for you. She talked so highly of the therapists. To get to the rehab stage, you have to be able to stay awake for a longer period of time. They’ll work with you all day with one nap allowed, if needed.

The conversation with Maria, gave me so much hope and lifted my spirits. I look forward to the day you start rehab. I can’t wait to see that progress.

As I was leaving tonight, I read Psalm 86 to you and prayed over you (as I have been doing since day one). Maria stayed in the room and prayed with us. Then she gave me a big hug, told me to get rest and promised to take good care of you.

Oh!!!!!! I almost forgot to give a praise report!! Today you moved your right leg!! Almost immediately when you were moved up to Neurology you start moving it all around, trying to get comfortable. I was so excited–loved seeing that!! God is good!!

I love you sweetie!! God is touching and healing your body completely. Sleep well and peacefully.

Good night. 🙂



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