6 Simple Tricks to Achieving a Boho-Style Home

October 21, 2023

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Call it a lifestyle or a design aesthetic, the Bohemian style is what free spirits use to express themselves. Inspired by the hippie movements of the 60’s and 70’s, Boho is a design aesthetic we can describe as being laid-back, relaxed, and individualistic. It highlights your own creativity and emphasizes the free spirit in you.

However, many people still misunderstand the Boho aesthetic, often associating it with festival culture and fast fashion. The design is all about mixing and matching textures and patterns. Achieving a boho style home will fill your home with life and culture, if done well.

Snake plant in corner of room

Creating a Boho-style home goes beyond modern design. It embraces your creativity, unconventionality, and carefree self. Follow these tips on how you can achieve a chic Boho aesthetic in your home!

Achieving a Boho-Style Home

Follow no rules

One thing that separates the Bohemian aesthetic from all other interior design is its lack of rules and guidelines. The aesthetic emphasizes individuality, and encourages you to express yourself in terms of decorations.

When creating a Boho-style home, you should try to tell your story through your space. Whether it be your furniture, rugs, color, or texture, your space should tell your journey. It’s what makes Boho its signature—your personal expression.

Achieving a boho style home with plants and leather sofa

Find your balance

Despite embracing unconventionality and individualism into its aesthetic, Boho is still about balance and harmony.

Designing a Boho-style place requires you to find the balance in everything you put in your space, from the furniture to the wall décor, to even the colors of the wall.

Bedroom with a boho vibe

If you have contrasting elements in your space, make sure to strike a balance between them to prevent feeling overwhelmed by your design.

When you can’t find balance between your textures and colors, you’ll end up with visual clutter rather than a calming place.

Embrace nature and natural elements

In addition to your self-expression, the Bohemian aesthetic also embraces natural elements into your home. It adds an organic touch to your space, making you feel more relaxed and free.

You can add indoor plants to your home to add a touch of green. Or, if you’re a fan of flowers, you can place floral accents into your space. This adds color as well as life into your home.

Wicker chair with textured throw pillow and large tree for Achieving a Boho-Style Home

If you’re not a fan of flowers and plants, you can also stick to décor made of natural materials such as rattan, wicker, and bamboo. Not only does it add the natural aspect that you’re looking for, but these can also be used in a variety of ways.

Achieving a Boho style home: Flaunt your craftsmanship

Expressing yourself through applying a Boho-styled home will also require you to flaunt your artistic and creative side. You can pick out handcrafted furniture and décor that will showcase your talent. 

However, if you feel like you don’t want to make intricate handcrafts, you can always go to your local artisans. They can give you works that can completely showcase their talents. Some might even use traditional methods to create intricate pieces.

Room with cactus, popazon chair for an Achieving a Boho-Style Home

For example, instead of weaving your own macrame décor, you can go to GANXXET | Macrame, Weaving, Crochet, & Knitting Supplies and find the perfect macrame piece, from plant hangers to wall décor.

Add vibrance and color to your space

To perfectly capture the Boho vibe at home, you should use vibrant hues as well as expressive palettes in your space.

Vibrant color combinations add a free-spirited vibe to your space. It also reflects your artistic expression. If you’ve been afraid to use vibrant colors for your home before, then creating a Boho-themed space will be the perfect opportunity to use those color palettes now!

Colorful room with two chairs and a rug for Achieving a Boho-Style Home

Weave your travels into your home

As you tell your story, you should also include your travels in your décor to achieve a chic Boho-style home.

Whenever you travel, you bring back a piece of the place with you. Whether it be a rock you found at the beach, or a souvenir you found at a vintage shop. You can use these as décor at home to incorporate your adventures into your home.

Room with a rocking chair, rattan tri-fold screen, large picture

Create a Boho-style home today

Having a Boho-style home doesn’t always have to be weird or different. The aesthetic is all about you— your story and all other aspects that make you ‘you.’

Open space white walls room with leather furniture

To achieve the perfectly balanced Boho-style home, it’s important to think of how you want to express yourself. The aesthetic emphasizes individuality, and no form of self-expression is wrong. But, you can always follow our tips to help you achieve that chic Boho look that you’ve always wanted for your home!

For more Boho modern inspiration, head on over to this post.

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