A Year in Review-Top Easy DIY Projects 2021

December 16, 2021

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So many times, I get wrapped up in the BIG projects and don’t make time for the little ones. This year, I tried to find a balance and do some of the smaller, easier and faster to complete projects. I have to admit, they were some of my favorite projects. And, I learned some of your favorites too. Here are the top easy DIY projects 2021….

When I learned that adding baking soda to paint could transform any vase, lamp, etc into a gorgeous piece of pottery, I was sold! And kinda went a little crazy painting all the things in my house! Easy Textured Vase with Baking Soda and Paint

An easy DIY project: vase painted black with pampas grass in it, next to a nightstand

I loved the look of this Studio McGee vase, but not so much the price tag. Not letting that stop me, I figured out a way to make it myself. See how I duped this vase the super cheap and easy way! Studio McGee Vase Dupe Using Bowls

Clip art of a gray vase


After completing my master bedroom remodel earlier this year, I needed a full size mirror to fill a space and I’ve always wanted a fancy full length mirror. The kind you see in the movies! Not sure if I achieved that, but I absolutely love the one I constructed! Easy Anthropologie Mirror Dupe-Make it for a lot Less

Easy DIY Projects: Full length mirror with a lady standing next to it

Most of my ideas for what to build next come when I’m out shopping. I’ll see a piece of furniture or artwork in a store and think, how hard can that be to recreate? Case in point, this Crate and Barrel canvas wall art. Once again the price tag of over $600 was a stopper! But the canvas I grabbed out of someone’s trash along the side of the road, was sitting in my storage room just waiting for my next big idea. Ding! There it was! And here it is! Easy How to: Textured Canvas Wall Art

Beautiful canvas wall art on the wall with decor on a console in front of it

One of the best perks of this blogging/content creator world is the brands I get to partner with and then share their products with you! And to be honest, I have my favorites! It’s ok to have favorites, right? 🙂  Juniper Prints is right up there in my cherished brands. They have the best artwork! So good! The Mesa and The Otis fit perfectly in my family room and dining room. Because I love to save a few bucks (and make extra work for myself–haha! 🙂  ) I decided to forego the beautiful frames Juniper offers and make my own custom frame. I love how these super-easy frames turned out. Such a quick way to throw together a great looking frame…. Easy How to Make a Picture Frame for a Printable

Easy DIY Projects: Juniper Print The Mesa in Dining room with DIY frame


Can’t wait to see what fun, new and easy DIY projects 2022 holds.

Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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