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December 15, 2015

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Okay, so I kinda lied…sorry. 🙂 I told all of you I would share the boys room on my next post, but I am not completely ready to show it. It is so close and I could go ahead and share it, but I really want to reveal it when it is completely ready. So no more promises, but hopefully next week.

So, why have I not finished it yet?? Well, today I’m going to share some other projects I have been working on that have filled my time; along with the holidays knocking on our door and the opportunity for lots of family time. 🙂

This weekend we had basketball games for my 2nd oldest, Chase, both Friday and Saturday. I also finished up my Christmas shopping Saturday afternoon (following the games). Woo Woo!!! And my Girls Night Out friends were so worried I wasn’t going to get it done (considering I basically just started on my kids shopping 🙂  ).

But I did it–all in one weekend. As the kids get older, all they really want is money, gift cards or electronics…which makes the shopping go pretty quickly. All I really have left is stocking stuffers. Glad to have it done…now onto the wrapping.

I started out my week working on a project for a friend. I planked a wall in her husband’s office. So on Monday and Tuesday, I cut and painted the boards, using black paint for my base and then dry brushing white over the black…



Both days were absolutely gorgeous, so I was able to work outside. 🙂 Amazing weather for December. Although I would like to have some cold weather for Christmas. I know, my friends all think I’m crazy too. 🙂

On Thursday and Friday, I hung the boards. The wall turned out beautiful. It always amazes me how this wall treatment can add such a wow-factor to any room…


The plan is to hang a large clock on this wall and flank it with a pipe shelving unit. Will show you pictures when that’s finished. But for now, here’s a close-up…


Another project I finished up at the start of last week was decorating my front porch for Christmas. I had it pretty much finished, but needed to make my sign…


I cut my wood to the size I wanted, painted it with black chalk paint and then used white sharpie pens for my lettering…


Here’s the full porch reveal…


Picked up this live tree at Costco…


I put it in a crate with burlap draping it…


And a couple more pictures…



On Wednesday, my daughter informed me she needed me to make her two cheer stands for her Christmas party gift exchange she had Friday night with friends. I had never made nor even heard of cheer stands, so of course I went to my trusted source, Pinterest. I couldn’t find a tutorial, but it looked very easy. So I just winged it. Here’s the final reveal of one of those…


Basically the concept is, to stand on one leg on the top board and do different cheer poses. They were exactly what she wanted and her friends loved them. Score!

While working on the cheer stands, I was also tackling another project….a chalkboard. I made one for my Girls Night Out group gift exchange. It was a hit!!


I’m planning on making two more of these today. I’ll take step-by-step pictures and share how to do this EASY project in an upcoming post. They make great gifts for any occasion. Perfect for year-round use. After the holidays, I plan on making one for myself. 🙂

I hope you and you’re family are enjoying these days leading up to the holidays. I love this time of year. And have so much to look forward to and be thankful for this week…First and foremost, my oldest son comes home from college for FOUR WEEKS!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! Can. Not. Wait!!!!

Also this week my family (aunt, uncle & cousins) from Georgia come into town, along with my grandparents from Ohio. They’ll all be here through Christmas. 🙂 Let the family fun begin!!! Love my family!!!! We are so very blessed. 🙂



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