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November 9, 2015

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The boys are sleeping in their own room tonight!!! This has been a long time coming! I started on re-doing their room back at the START of the school year and here we are in November and I’m still not done. 🙁 This has been quite the project. But we are getting closer…I know, I said that last time I posted about their room…but we really are. 🙂

This week (and, let’s be real–probably next:) ) should be the last of the building projects…sliding barn door and a last minute add-on–a really cool metal awning!! This is amazing! You are going to love it! My sister sent me a pin on how to do it and swoon!!! So cool! Can’t wait to show you!!

But for today, let me bring you up to date with where we are on this project. First, I have to reveal to you my second eldest son (Chase’s) industrial lamp he built a couple weeks ago. It took him a few tries to get the electrical element of it down. But a few “sparks shows” later…he got it!! Thanks Uncle Kent for helping Chase out on this part…thankful he knows the RIGHT way to wire it now, and won’t be burning the house down… 🙂


Isn’t that the coolest?!? The Edison bulb is perfect. I have had my eye on these pipe lamps for quite awhile now. And he put one together in a single evening! Way to go, Chase!! His plan is to make more of them and sell them! I like that idea!

Ok, so back to the boys’ room… My vision all along has been an industrial/craftsman look for this room and I knew in order to achieve that, I would need to take down/put up all new trim. So the tear down began. I tore out baseboards and trim around the doors, and windows…


Not a pretty sight.

I LOVE the thick Craftsman trim. So I went with 1×6 pine boards for my baseboards. I painted them all before nailing them in. I still had to go over them with paint one more time, just to cover up all my nail holes. But it was much easier to give them the 3 coats of white paint they needed, without having to worry about getting too close to the floor boards…


Above is just a small section of the baseboards after I did my touchup painting and caulking. You may be wondering how I did my corners. I went back and forth on whether or not to miter them. In the end, I decided not to. You really can’t tell…nothing a little caulk can’t hide. 🙂

Next up…the door and window frames. To accomplish the craftsman look on these, I went to my favorite resource..Pinterest!! I found this picture of what I wanted (source: thrifty decor chic)…


I used this same example for both the windows and the doors. However, I changed the measurements a bit. For the side casing, top casing, and apron I used 1×6’s (like I used for the baseboards). I didn’t change the dimensions on the casing cap, but I did use lattice in place of the fillet. All can be found in the same moulding section at Home Depot. For my window, I chose not to tear out the original stool. This saved me a step that I didn’t feel was really necessary.

Step one: Installing side casing…


For this particular door, I nailed each board, of my topper, individually. It seemed like there was an easier, more precise way to accomplish this same look. So for the second door, I assembled my “topper” as one piece…


and then set it on top of my side casing and nailed it in…


This way was much easier.

The same steps were taken for the window with the additional step of adding the apron…


A lot of caulk and paint later and these all turned out beautiful!!


I’m ready to change out ALL of my trim throughout the house. If that didn’t sound like such a daunting task, I would do it in a heartbeat.

As you can see, I did a board and batten treatment to the walls also. This is so easy to do!! And adds so much to any room. I’ll share how to do this next time!!









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