4 Ways To Make Your Staircase a Focal Point in Your Home

April 23, 2024

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While your staircase serves an obvious function by connecting the levels in your home, it will also play an important role with its design. Often, the staircase is the main character of a home’s entryway (aka, it’s the first thing guests will see). From grand entrances to an inviting foyer, we’ve rounded up a few ways to make your staircase a focal point in your home and leave a lasting impact.

Staircases are a functional part of a house, but they possess an untapped potential to become a stunning centerpiece in your home’s design.

A winding stair case with warm wood tones.

With a bit of creativity and the right touch, you can transform your staircase from a mere passageway to an eye-catching feature that enhances the overall aesthetic of your entryway.

Continue reading to discover some impactful ways to make your staircase a focal point in your home.

Proper Design

Your staircase’s design sets the foundation for its role in your home’s interior. Consider the style of your space and the architectural aesthetic.

A modern, minimalist staircase with open risers can add an air of spaciousness to your home, while a curving, ornate wooden staircase can infuse a sense of traditional grandeur.


Spiral wooden staircase

Source: J Steven Kemp Architect

Connectivity with the rest of your home is also important; your staircase needs to gel seamlessly with its surroundings.

If your home features a lot of natural elements, a wooden staircase might be the perfect complement. If you’re more into an industrial chic style, an exposed metal staircase could be just the bold statement you’re looking for.

Lighting and Decor

Lighting can work wonders to accentuate the beauty of your staircase and draw the eye upward. Use sleek, recessed lighting to create a dramatic effect, or install ornate chandeliers for a touch of luxury.

Carpet runners with bold patterns or luxurious materials like velvet can also bring a strong design element to your staircase.

Open stairs with tread runner

Source: Bria Hammel Interiors

Don’t forget the power of the wall space alongside the stairs; a gallery wall or a striking paint color can add just as much dimension to the area as the stairs themselves.

Multi-Functional Storage

Staircases are more than a means to move between floors—they can also serve as valuable storage space.

Consider building enclosed cupboards beneath the stairs for a seamless and functional look. You could also adapt each step to be a pull-out drawer for shoes or other items, effectively maximizing space that would otherwise be wasted.

Large open stairs in front of wall of windows

Source: Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

You can further explore the versatility of staircases with multi-functional designs. Perhaps a reading nook or a small office could fit snugly under the stairs, making use of the area in a way that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

A beautiful staircase is one thing, but ensuring it remains that way is equally important. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep materials looking their best. Invest in durable finishes for frequent-use staircases and take care to promptly address any wear and tear.

When it comes to safety, use non-slip materials for treads, secure handrails at the appropriate heights, and ensure there is proper and even lighting to prevent accidents.

White staircase with landing and tread runner for stairs and railing trends post

Source: M House Development

Safety doesn’t need to be unsightly; you can incorporate handrails into the design or paint them in a way that complements the overall look of the staircase. There are different types of stainless steel handrails that add a modern touch to any space. If your home has a traditional style, consider a beautifully ornate railing.

By following these ways to make your staircase a focal point in your home, you can create a design triumph in your entryway. Crafting a staircase that not only connects floors but also connects with your personal aesthetic is a rewarding project that will elevate the very heart of your home.

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