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October 6, 2015

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Everyone has a story. We all come into this world with a clean slate, but then our story begins to be written. The fascinating thing about each of our stories is that when shared, it is bound to help someone else. I believe God wants us to share our story. To be a beacon of hope to someone going through a difficult trial. To encourage them that we got through it…or if we’re still walking through it to help carry one another.

Today’s post picks up from last weeks. It is only part of my story…

Corey and I were very concerned about the tubal pregnancy I had just gone through. We were very sad knowing this was a life that did not make it. A life we had created.

Because tubal pregnancies are usually a sign of something else going wrong, I underwent some tests. They did a dye test of my fallopian tubes and found that both of them were blocked. The left side was completely blocked and the right was pooling–meaning nothing was getting through either tube.

We were told it was highly unlikely I could get pregnant the natural way without having another tubal pregnancy. This news was heartbreaking. We didn’t feel our family was complete yet. We prayed about God’s direction for us and felt led to try in-vitro fertilization.

And so began the series of shots and drugs and doctor visits. I underwent my first embryo transfer and then we waited. And waited. And waited. Wondering if I was pregnant with one or maybe even multiples. Finally the phone call came, it didn’t work…I was not pregnant.

We went through this emotional roller coaster, of transfers and waiting, two more times. Each time failed. We were devastated and felt so unsure of what we were supposed to do. Maybe God was telling us our family was complete. Maybe we needed to be content with what God had already given us. We had so many questions and uncertainties.

We decided to take a break from IVF and all that comes with it. And isn’t it just like our God??….shortly afterwards I was pregnant!! The natural way!! We were, of course, still a little worried that this could be another tubal. I went in for an ultrasound immediately and we were thrilled to learn I really was pregnant and all was well.

They were able to tell which tube the embryo traveled through. I could hardly believe it–the left side!! The side that was completely blocked. Nine months later our family grew. God blessed us with a sweet, chubby-cheeked little lady–Lauryn Victoria. We knew all along we were having a girl. We just knew. We never doubted it.

2014-15 2691

Like I said earlier, this is only part of the story…can’t wait to tell you the rest!!

What is your story? What trial have you gone through that you can now help someone else through? We all have a story.


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