Holiday Comfort Item Gift Guide Ideas for DIYers

December 2, 2021

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Last week I shared my favorite must-have tools for this DIY venture. This week, as promised, I’m sharing my favorite must-have comfort item gift guide for all things DIY. Working out in the shop doesn’t have to be cold and uninviting during the winter months. I love a nice warm, cozy garage; while wearing my comfy, cozy clothes and drinking my toasty, hot drink. What to get that special someone (or maybe that’s you :)  ) who loves woodworking/tinkering around in the shop? I’ve got you covered….




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1. Cozy, Warm Socks – A must for those cold winter days. Warm feet, warm up the whole body.

2. Cozy, Warm Hat – Warm toes and a warm head go hand-in-hand. I LOVE my North Face beanie on cold, winter days. This thing does the trick. Many times, I end up shedding my other layers, because this hat keeps me plenty warm, in and of itself.

3. Steel Toe Boots – Comfort isn’t just about warmth. Especially when handling big sheets of plywood. Only need one of those to fall on your foot once, before you’re looking for a steel-toe shoe. That was me! If I could have every steel-toe boot Cat offers, it would be heaven. These boots aren’t only functional, but SO stylish. I’ve been known to wear mine out for the evening quite a few times. :) They look great with a pair of jeans. Comfy and stylish! You can’t beat that!

4. Thermal Fleece Lined Leggings – So many great features in these leggings. The thermal fleece lining locks in the heat, keeping you nice and warm. Multiple pockets to hold your phone and all the things. High-waisted and tummy-control….enough said. :)

5. Fleece Lined Thermal Shirt – So soft and comfy against your skin. And once again, toasty warm!

6. North Face Full-Zip Sweatshirt – With all the warmth you’ve already added, no need for a bulky coat. Love this North Face sweatshirt! It gives just the right amount of extra warmth needed.

7. Garage Heater – When shopping for a garage heater, I knew I wanted something easy that wouldn’t require a lot of electrical work. While this one does require a 240 volt outlet, it warms my 3-car garage in about 15 minutes. And that makes me happy. :)

8. Shop Light – For the longest time, I settled for bad lighting in my shop. Little did I know how easy and affordable good lighting can be. And being able to actually see my work–priceless!

9. Tool Belt (made for women) – To be honest, this is one item I’ve struggled to find. I have yet to find a good tool belt that isn’t so bulky and heavily weighing me down. Most are definitely made for men. But this one intrigues me. And the reviews are really good too. Full disclosure: I haven’t actually tried this tool belt, but just purchased it via Amazon today. So, I’ll let you know what I think. In the meantime, if you try it, let me know how it works for you. Thanks! By the way, it comes in pink too. :)

10. Shop Apron – My primary reason for using my shop apron is to not get sawdust all over my clothes. It works like a charm! And saves me from being covered in sawdust when using my table saw and/or sander. Of course, the pockets are nice for holding things too…when I don’t have my tool belt on.

11. Safety Glasses with Style – Safety first! And why not be safe in style!? Love these anti-fog, blue-light filter glasses! They come in all different colors too.

12. Knee Pads – So very important! Save your knees!

13. JBL Speaker – Music or talk? I’m a Talk radio girl! Give me a true crime podcast over music any day. But whatever you’re vibe is, you need a good, durable speaker. JBL speakers are my go-to!

14. Noise-Cancelling Raycons – Because sometimes you’re high-power tools are just too loud to hear your speaker and you need to protect your ears to that outside, invasive noise. These are a gem!

15. Tumbler – Keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with this Yeti Tumbler! It’s a must-have for this hot tea drinker!

16. Bracelet Hair Ties – 2 in 1…I love these no-slip hair ties that can also be worn as a bracelet. What does this have to do with DIY? Everything! I can’t stand to have my hair down on my face when I’m working on a project. These are perfect! No better way to wrap up this Comfort Item Gift Guide.

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